Read More Movies is the greatest gift my wife has ever given me. In 2015 she started this blog for me so I could become a better writer and movie lover. By “started this blog,” I mean she literally made the website, designed the logo, and continually proofreads my articles. She’s amazing!


The purpose I’ve tried to infuse in Read More Movies is right there in the title. I want to better understand the films that I watch, read between the lines, and appreciate the artistry. Movies may be a series of images, but each frame is worth a thousand words. And my writing movie reviews I learn to read each frame better and better. 

Eric Harvey

I am full time tax accountant with a passion for movies I squeeze in on the side. I am a full-time movie fan donig some tax work on the side.


I’m the resident movie critic and guy who would rather stay inside and watch a movie than do pretty much anything else. I’m also a proud dad to a dog and two cats: Molly, Albus, and Ari.


Favorite films: Toy Story, Forrest Gump, Jurassic Park, and It’s a Wonderful Life.


Guilty Pleasure: Steve Martin’s The Pink Panther.

Elizabeth Harvey

I write, edit, and rewrite again. I’m the type of person who notices when an apostrophe is in the wrong place on signage (so keep me honest if you find any typos). I like foggy weather, the smell of clean laundry, succulents, and anything pop culture. I also hope to own a dog some day soon.


I like movies about high school drama (from any decade). Give me a good mean girl story and I’m hooked. I like movies with strong female leads, dystopic literature, and Harry Potter when I’m feeling nostalgic. I read synopsis and reviews on Amazon, Goodreads, and Audible before I decide to read a book. I appreciate good cinematography, who-dun-it stories, speculative fiction, and epilogues.