Best Films of 2017

In the three years, I’ve meticulously tracked each movie I see and attempted to produce an annual ranking

And the Golden Globe for Best Comedy Goes to…

Yesterday, the funniest comedy of the year was whatever news channel was broadcasting Sean Spicer and Anthony ‘the

How Does Homecoming Rank Among the Spidey Films?

As the introductory logos flashed on the screen, I was a tad disappointed by the absence of Danny

Cars 3 – Mild Spoilers

As a college student in Orange County, CA, I was a cast member at Disneyland. I worked every

Kedi – Review

To some viewers, Kedi will likely be described as just another nature documentary, only not as good since

Four Eras in Disney History – Trend Analysis

On Memorial Day weekend 2017, Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast crossed $500M at the domestic box office. Only eight films have reached this – four of which are Disney releases. Across all other benchmarks of box office success, Disney has left its closest competitor in the dust. What’s unique about Disney’s dominance at

Guardians Vol. 2 Review

About an hour into Guardians I went to the bathroom. I never go to the bathroom at the

“Franchise the Damn Thing”

Brothers Mac and Dick McDonald, the true founders of the golden arches, innocently place an order for eight

2016 Cinematic Highlights

While you were busy losing sleep over politics, I’ve been completing my goal of seeing 40 films in

Weiner: More Than a Punchline

Remember that politician guy you hated back in 2011? I know, there are so many it’s hard to keep